KEF Kube 10 Mie

  • Compact 10 Inch woofer with 300 Watt Class D Amplifier.
  • KEF‘s proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms ensure that every component of the subwoofer works in perfect harmony. Features such as iBX Intelligent Bass Extension provides even deeper and precise bass at any listening level.
  • The Kube features a front-firing long throw driver with a large cone area and high excursion, delivering higher output at lower frequencies. Its efficient and cool-running 300W Class D RMS amplifier further enhances performance.
  • Kube offers versatile connection options, including KEF SmartConnect and speaker level inputs, making connecting into any system a breeze.
  • 3 room position EQ options – The intuitive preset options ensure excellent performance from Kube no matter where in the room it is placed.


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