Bundle Angry Miao Relic 80

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Typing Angle: 8°
CMF: CNC machined aluminum body
Mount: Three-Stage Adjustable Leaf-Spring Mount (12 typing combos)
Plate: FR4
LEDs: In-switch RGB and case corner RGB lighting
PCB: 1.2mm hotswap PCB with cutouts and in-switch LEDs configurable via Angry Miao DIY site
Switch Mounting Style: Hot-swappable
Connectivity: Tri-mode: 2.4G (with dongle), Bluetooth 5.1, USB Type-C
Weight: Base Kit 2.0kg / Bundle 2.25kg
Battery: Lithium polymer 5000mAh *2, 10000mAh total (typical), supports wireless charging


Quà Tặng
  • Tặng 1 lót chuột Glorious Green Screen Mouse Pad XXL Extended trị giá 520.000 VN.
  • Freeship nhanh nội thành HCM

Mô tả

Inspired by Daniel Arsham

The AM Relic 80 is inspired by the Daniel Arsham’s “Brillo Box” from the “Future Relic” series. The metal body undergoes a total of 7 hours of CNC machining to achieve its eroded effect. Case corner RGB lighting with diamond pattern as well as an adjustable leaf spring mount bring a personalized thocky experience originating in 3024.

4 hours of top cover CNC machining

A metal body is a common sight on keyboards, but the eroded corners are definitely not.

To achieve our desired effect, our engineers decided to use a ball cutter that can precisely perform CNC machining on the edges of the metal case.

With one step at the time, our seemingly random eroded corners can be mass-produced and applied to the keyboard case in a unified manner. It takes us nearly 4 hours just to finish the top cover of the keyboard case.

Translucent RGB module with diamond pattern

The case corner RGB lighting modules are translucent and feature a diamond pattern.

When you turn on RGB, the bottom of the lighting modules present a crystal clear light effect, just like a treasure that has been unearthed in the desert ruins.

Three-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount with 12 typing combos

Even though space inside AM Relic 80’s compact body is extremely limited, we managed to include our Three-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount. By mixing and matching foam and adjusting leaf spring gears, a total of 12 typing combos are made possible. From hard top mounts to soft gasket mounts, AM Relic 80 covers the whole range of typing feels.

8 layers for a thocky sound profile from the future

AM Relic 80 uses our latest 8-layer internal structure. The design, cut-outs and thickness of each layer have been precisely calculated to present AM Relic 80’s signature thocky sound profile.

Choose the One You Want

AM Relic 80 is available in two configurations: WKL (winkeyless) and WK (winkey).

Whether you go retro with WKL or choose convenience with WK’s double Win keys, AM Relic 80 has got you covered.

WKL (winkeyless)

WK (winkey)

Tri-mode wireless and wireless charging

AM Relic 80 supports wireless Bluetooth and USB Type-C, just like previous Angry Miao keyboards. In addition, 2.4G wireless is available when the keyboard is used in combination with the AM Sniper2.4 dongle.

AM Relic 80 switches between Bluetooth and wired mode automatically. You just need plug in the cable.

Comfortable 19mm front height and 8° typing angle

So many components inside, yet the front height is less than 20mm. Extreme internal space utilization is what made this possible. And with the 8° typing angle, you can enjoy comfortable typing without the need for a wrist rest.

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Angry Miao



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Basalt Black , Chalk White , Meteor



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Community Art


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